DJs Blondie K & subOctave featured in the Hey DJ! column for Sfweekly!

Read the entire article here :

Fringe DJs Blondie K and subOctave Dig the Limousines, Hate Getting Requests for Songs They Just Played

By Christina Li, Thu., Jan. 13 2011 @ 8:15AM
Categories: Hey, DJ!
Chris %26 Kris_80_Video.jpg
Blondie K and subOctave

​Ever wish you were on the set of your favorite indie music video dancing in a meadow with flowers and half-naked hipsters surrounding you? Well good, we don’t either. It’s much more preferable to live out this indie dancing fantasy in a small club, where shots are pouring and pollen allergies don’t exist. There you’ll find video DJ mixers Blondie K and subOctave, more commonly known as the Fringe DJs. Check them out every third Saturday (including this one) at Madrone Art Bar and first Thursdays at the Lookout — because let’s face it, who has time to watch music videos sober anymore?


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